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Username Post: Trump vs. the the Hard Left/Hard Right
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01-10-18 06:23 PM - Post#1708767    

  • Pete Said:
I think the notion that so many of these people are Catholics and will likely vote R in the future is a grave oversimplification. The school system, culture, and other influential tools will have a much more dramatic impact on these individuals then there parent(s) faith in my opinion.

I'd rather shitcan anyone who legally or illegally downloaded a Kendrick Lamar track in the last 18 months. All of 'em.

On the other hand, Latinos have always been more Republican than blacks. Usually 30-35% voting Repub in general elections whereas blacks haven't come close to those numbers since the Eisenhower days. These people come from countries that are very poorly managed, usually socialist, and have a very negative experience with big government authorities.

The Democrats always have to walk a tight rope with them knowing that they tend to be a little bit more socially conservative and probably even hold stronger values on liberty and freedom than most black people do. I don't think a naturalized legal Mexican population is a shoe in for Democrats. Not by a long shot.

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