Username Post: Top 10 worst who did some fighting??
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Mine list here=

1.Tyson Nash(did some fightning, but wasnt knonw as a fighter, but was an agitator, very dirty cheap shot artist, was brutally bad when he dropped his mitts, just never wins though, he couldnt wins Tomas Holmstrom even... he fought usually about 5-8x but he has 1 season with 13 fightning majors, no physic, no technique, no punching power)

2.Rene Corbet(wasnt a fighter by any means, but he has at least 1 season over 10 figtning majors, but was fucking awful, what comes to the fightning)

3.Bill Lindsay(toe to toe style, but it was only way he could fight)

4.Darryl Bootland(very active, but was very awful, lost to Sydor!)

5.Ulf Samuelsson(very boring, also takes loses after loses)

6.Doug Houda(mr balance haha, terrible balance, terrible puncher, no physic)

7.Steve Staios(very bad, boring also)

8.Steve Ott(no physic, no talent for the fightning)

9.Denis Pederson(had ok punching power which keep him in this spot but without his ok punching power he would be worse, never was fighter, but more agitator-fighter, very awful defense, he just ate punches a lot in his all fights)

10.Chris Chelios(he had 1 season with 8 or 9 fightning majors, so i think he can gets ranked here, he was very boring, wrestler, no physic, no killer character, bad fight card too, wasnt a fighter, but aggressive player, who sometimes fought in his early years)
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