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  • Canucko29 Said:
I didn't watch the show much. I was never a fan of him or Hannity. I absolutely love Tucker Carlson/Ben Shapiro, who are much younger, sharper and funnier. I also really liked the Dennis Miller Thursday segments (which I watch mainly through his Facebook page) and could actually see him being a good replacement. But not sure he'd do it as O'Reilly and him are good friends and Miller probably doesn't want to have to go through the smear campaign he surely would be put through if he went through with this.

Either way, there are a tonne of people who could replace him. Ben Shapiro, actually, would probably be the left's worst nightmare at this point. I don't think I've ever seen him lose an argument (Bill lost plenty over his career).

I'm a big Shapiro fan, but I doubt he'd go for a FN gig. They would want him to say pro-Trump stuff and he'd refuse. He likes to be an independent thinker and have loyalty to no one. I follow him on Twitter, and one minute he's praising Trump and mocking Tucker Carlson at the same time. Then he's slamming Trump the next minute and RTing someone with leftist leanings...he has me scratching my head at times.

Bill's time was up. I have no problem with a changing of the guard. Tucker is brilliant, and constantly makes mincemeat of brain-dead lefties. Ever see his "interview" with Kurt Eichenwald? Dear God, Eichenwald came off as defiantly, mentally ill.
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