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05-16-17 01:15 AM - Post#1699256    
    In response to Johnny_Upton

What a lunatic. And who brings a little baby boy packed on her back and starts a quarrel like that?

It's funny, I just started studying the Civil War and that era of politics (19th Century).

It probably would surprise her snd most modern liberals today that Lincoln would have ended the Civil War had the states backed away from dissolution and the 13th amendment was used as a wartime threat initially to encourage end of a very unpopular in his time (north and south).

I would not deny that slavery was the main catalyst for the war, but that at times it did appear to be more incidental as an issue. The South was losing electoral power and the Republicans at that that point refused to admit any more slave states to the Republic (Arkansas/Kansas).

I'm not going to defend the Confederacy as I would have been a blue jacket in those days, but liberals have some very funny ideas about what that war really was about and what the Confederacy really represented.

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