Username Post: Why the Left Refuses to Talk About Venezuela
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  • foolish Said:
I would have thought Bernie would point to Canada, Britain, Australia, France etc...... they seem closer to his model....

(no I didn't read the links)

That's my point. Venezuela was already in the shitter by the time he decided to run for president.

The funny thing is that I'm not even 100% opposed against a single-payer healthcare system. I honestly don't know if it makes a huge difference cost-wise than an insurance based model.

100% subsidized education, on the other hand, is absolute garbage. Tantamount to making high school nine years instead of five years. And that's the issue I have with liberals who claim not to be socialist. Every generation wants more and only pushes you towards a more socialist model and will eventually require Brave governments to make cutbacks against programs that society has become dependent on.

Question - Is quality healthcare a right or a privilege? I think that fundamental determination may impact how far the U.S. is willing to go towards single-payer model
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