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With all the DJT Jr BS going around right now, I am thoroughly convinced that "collusion" occurred, but that the Trump org is far too stupid to realize what it was. I truly don't think they've done anything negligent (they didn't know), and criminality is far from proven at all, but holy shit.

What I am absolutely shocked by is Jared Kushner. This douche nozzle has been carried through life by his family and now his in-laws and hold a very senior position based fully on nepotism (participation trophies). Furthermore, he has security clearance. A security clearance he got while claim zero foreign contacts - not foreign gov rep contacts, or foreign spies, not contacts. This is an obvious and blatant lie. Now it comes out that he has revised his forms 3 times and added hundreds of foreign contacts. Yet he still hold clearance.

How is their not more bipartisan outrage? Are declarations to support security clearances at the highest level not really that big a deal? Is it not signed under penalty of law?

I'm also kinda bored since most of you fuckers have obviously woken up and realized you've been cheerleading the march to totalitarianism....
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