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  • Canucko29 Said:
It's funny that you mentioned the US being on the road to totalitarianism, yet you are willing to prosecute someone on the basis of no real evidence yet of a law being broken. I thought liberals believed in the rule of law?

Prosecute? I never said that. I only would support that if lying to achieve security clearance is a crime. I'd be happy with the Trump kids and in-laws being stripped of their clearances. When asked about his foreign contacts, he said he had none, that was a lie by his own admission (3 corrects to list and counting) and his bro-in-laws admission (the emails).

Clinton got impeached for lying under oath about a BJ, if Kushner lied about repeatedly meeting with Russian operatives, for the purpose of undermining HRC, on a form that he signed, shouldn't he at least be removed from a position with knowledge of national security?

I've said it before, this administration may not be doing anything illegal (with the funneling money into their pockets, and ignoring various ethical standards, and firing people questioning them), but they are sure as shit showing us what SHOULD be illegal. In nature, failure to evolve ends in extinctions - maybe its time to bring the laws around our gov into at least the last century (if not this one).

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