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08-12-17 12:53 PM - Post#1702808    
    In response to Baldridge

It's true, Obama damaged race relations in this country for decades to come. You can tell one group of people they are the cause of the world's ills for only so long until you stir up emotions - many of them ugly and counterproductive - from that group.

There's nothing wrong with being proud of being white and being American. Self-loathing types like Baldridge and Posux probably disagree. It's when that pride for your heritage turns to hatred towards others that it takes a wrong turn.

I have as much disdain for Neo-Nazi groups as I do BLM. They are both vile and pointless. As it is, FAR more white people denounce neo-Nazis than blacks denounce BLM.
The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.

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