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Trump sent out the ICE crews to remove everyone who had a criminal history. Everyone who was crying over the guy in Hawaii (with two DUIs) is a fucking idiot. I don't care how "nice a guy" he is, if you went to France, got two DUIs and then petitioned for citizenship, they'd literally tell you to fuck off.

Trump's next move will be to give everyone who doesn't have a criminal history amnesty. Hispanics are overwhelmingly Catholic and are all little Republicans just waiting to vote. This will turn the tables that C29 mentioned with regard to "Dems loving to have them voting".


I think there is ample evidence that they're gone beyond just grabbing ciminals. Thats my mason-dixon on this issue. Get rid of all the dangerous folks you want, but don't drag a parent away from their kids at gunpoint.

Link? Every single story I’ve read (or had to do research on) had some kind of criminal element to it.

Allow me to crush any example you provide.


There are hundreds! Bring it big boy! onnecticut...
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