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1. Wilson - The total package. He had all the tools. Big, strong, great technical skills, and power. Put that together with his mean disposition and you get one helluva fighter. One knock on Wilson - he was a bit of a selfish fighter and usually fought for himself and not to defend his teammates.

2. Probert - What can you say. His record for longevity as a top notch heavyweight just ain't likely to be matched. Kept trying to the bitter end. Another guy that had all the tools and used them. If there is any knock on Probert it may be his punching power. While it wasn't bad, imagine what he'd have been like with the KO power of a Kocur.

3. Fotiu - He made an immediate impact by beating Holmgren and then Wilson. Brought instant respectibility to a franchise that had previously had none. The one knock of Fotiu is that he had a very long fuse and rarely instigated trouble.

4. Brown - As big and bad as they came. Not one of my personal favorites as I always considered him a bit of a cheap fighter. Liked to get the jump, used that spandex sleeve, and liked to throw a few after the break. As much as I hated the guy, I still rank him number 4, that's how good he was LOL.

5. Gillies - When people mention hardest hitters they usually think Twist and Kocur. When I think hardest hitters, I think Gillies and Playfair (along with Twist and Kocur). No one dropped Stan Jonathan, yet Gillies did it with one well placed right. The knock, and it's big one, you never knew which Gillies you were getting. But if you ended up with the pissed off, motivated Gillies, you could be in some big trouble.

6. Playfair - Big and strong. The guy was a horse. Looked like he really enjoyed fighting, and just wanted to throw them. He took a few to give a few, and you gotta love that. Was also a great defenseman and could throw a mean check. The knock on Playfair would be that he often led with his face and was a very easy target to hit. He didn't duck too many punches. They used to call him Racoon because his eyes were always blackened.

7. Cochrane - The run was short, but damn lively. A real maniac with a huge meanstreak. Didn't lose very many during a 3 to 4 year span. Bad knees and a bad back eventually took its toll and shortened his career.

8. McSorley - One of my personal favorites. Man, he just kept going and going and going. Another guy that seemed to lack a little power, but no one was more willing than Marty.

9. Kocur - His power alone gets him in my top 10. I find him alot less impressive than others do, but fear and intimidation gets him high marks. High enough to get him in my top 10.

10. Nystrom - Not too many losses on a Nystrom card. Wins over Fotiu and Wensink ensure him a top 10 position. Threw them fast and furious. Lacked a little power which hurts him in these rankings. Imagine a fighter with Gillies power and Nystroms fury and you'd have yourself one heck of an enforcer.

11. Dave Semenko
12. Stan Jonathan
13. Paul Holmgren
14. Tim Hunter
15. John Wensink
16. Dan Maloney
17. Stu Grimson
18. Tie Domi
19. Terry O'Reilly
20. Jay Miller
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