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08-10-04 10:20 AM - Post#304096    
    In response to Hike

I think I have to agree about Wilson, although I never liked him. I recently watched his fight tape and I didn't see him lose too many. In fact, I'm convinced if the fights went any longer or the refs didn't break them up, he probably would have won all of them. He had long arms, a powerful punch, he was mean and didn't put up with anyone's shit. I think he was a dirty player and I still don't like him, but he never quit fighting and only got better as the fight continued.

As for the ratings: I've never seen Kocur fight so I have no comments. All I hear is that he was a powerful puncher.

I don't think Jonathan could have taken O'Reilly, I know Maloney got the snot beat out of by O'Reilly on at least two occassions. O'Reilly always had his way with Holmgren.

I don't know about McSorely. He had a lot of energy but I never saw him kick someone's ass. He lost a lot of fights but you couldn't calm him down. I don't know if that puts anyone in the top 20 or not, just not sure. Jay Miller was like that as well.

Also, I think John Kordic should definately be in the mix somewhere.

I do think there is only one guy on the list who would fight anyone of these guys night after night, fight after fight to protect his teammates and that's Terry O'Reilly.
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