Username Post: Why the Left Refuses to Talk About Venezuela
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  • Canucko29 Said:
That would be inevitable. Obamacare wasn't started as a final solution, but was simply a step ladder to single-payer.

If you must go there, I would suggest people of working age who are able-bodied to work should never get coverage unless they are working or seeking work. But with liberals pushing the envelope, the non-working sponges will probably get the most and best care.

Oh, so now Obama is HITLER!?!?!?!!

I don't think we ever get to real single-payer in the USA. American's value their individualism too much and the perks of the private hospitals are insane (my buddy's wife had a kid on Friday.. there was a jacuzzi tub in their birthing room.... that they had for 5 days!). My hope for America is that we develop a free system that provides basic care without frills and without having everyone use the ER for everything. Basically just an extrapolation of a lot of the programs already available.
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