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  • Canucko29 Said:
Foolish, I know you are trying very hard to flip the tables on SJW insults, but only one side wore pussy hats at a feminist rally while following the lead of a Muslim lady who is pro Sharia law.

Right, the other side apparently asked the russians to help them win an election... I wonder what they had to pledge to Vlad for him to make that happen?


(I've really missed you hard-headed maniacs)

Do you even read what you write? The "other side" of millions of women in genital-headgear called the Russian hotline for election help? This is why the left is so mocked. You try to play the "but you guys" game and get fucking destroyed 90 times out of 100.

Let this sink in...your team views Linda Sarsour and Donna Hylton as heroes. You have a wife, no? It must be heart-warming knowing Linda wants to remove your wife's clitoris. You have a gay male friend, family member or acquaintance, no? Invite Donna over so she can give his testicles a squeeze, while shoving a pole up his rectum & burning him before murdering him.

These are your people, foolish. Wait for it...

"But, but Ted Nugent!"

You've lost your ever loving mind. This thread has zero to do with vagina hats (man those hates scare you guys, huh?). whY do you keep trying to spin it there?

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