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Just spent a week visiting Cuba, traveling to several areas of the country. Lovely island with friendly and remarkably resourceful people, many beautiful (but majority dilapidated) buildings in the cities and an incredible art/music culture. I definitely would recommend a visit.

Most of the people there are dirt poor, due to a combination of lousy leftist policies and the US embargo. Yet, everyone I met seemed to have a happy and optimistic attitude.

From the perspective of actually being there, it is obvious that the US embargo is a total policy failure. The Castros have survived it for almost 60 years. Mainly now, it is just punishing the regular folk. The Obama-era looser travel restrictions put a lot of money into mom-and-pop B&B type of lodging, privately owned tour guides, restaurants and unlicensed drivers. That is a GOOD thing for the little guys. Reversing that policy will simply drive people into large organized tours that stay at government owned hotels and eat at government restaurants -- putting more money right into the pocket where Trump supposedly doesn't want it to go. Makes no sense.
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