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  • Posux Said:
You are even more predictable than me. Where is your spine? Are you following any of the police corruption stories lately? Again, cops have my support all the way but the corruption and brutality cannot be ignored. You act like black people just enjoy rioting.

Obama is an incredible man with high morals and a good family. An outstanding American yet he is imperfect. How you blame him for this and. It closet racist white people who now have a platform is beyond me.

You can't read? I said that race relations got worse under Obama. A black president. How the fuck is that possible?

I didn't blame him for anything going on over the last two days.

The topic wasn't specifically about anything going on now, it was about "race relations".

One of the specific reasons that HRC isn't president is because AA's didn't show up at the polls like they did for Barry and a lot of that has to be hopelessness. What got better for them under a best-case-scenario?

One of the specific reasons that Trump is president is that people were sick and tired of riots and BLM and all their bullshit.

Cops may not be helping, but cops are not the fucking problem in the inner cities.

Antifa has been pulling this bullshit for months, now...where was your post about them?

Hatred begets hatred. The media has everyone whipped up into a fury and the very conscious of the nation is suffering for it.

Do I think Trump and some of his rhetoric is responsible for these recent events? Yes. Do I think he's to blame for shitty race relations and a feeling of hopelessness? Hell no.

People need to stop with the fucking hate. On every side. Stop with the anger with everything Trump does.

A local news station recently posted a story about how Trump was calling for a State of Emergency for opiod abuse...and people were fucking criticizing him for it. What. The. Fuck.


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