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09-13-17 09:24 AM - Post#1703991    
    In response to Beagle

I love that you found this.

1) I get what they are saying a little, this has to be a 4th amendment issue (remember, these designations need no arrest or conviction). If you're a minor banger at 15, and leave the gang at 20, is it fair that every time a cop pulls you over at 40 he calls for backup and puts you on the ground at gunpoint? Seems like all sides were in favor of this, so I have no issue.

2) the house sprayed wth 28 bullets? 3 doors down from my buddy. The neighborhood is fairly gentrified and coming up (my buddy is selling as a result of this latest shooting) and his home will get $850K+ easily. There is one house on his block, its been owned by the same (black) family for decades, the great grandkids or whoever is late-teens early-20s living there are bloods and the neighborhood is technically crip (I don't know how they claim that since the population is all middle-class white professionals). I could have the bloods-crips backwards. Anyway, every few months someone drives by and takes a few shots at the gang house. This month the missed... the shot up house was about 5 houses down and across the street....

All law enforcement in Portland disproportionately affects minorities. We're like 95% white!
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