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09-13-17 10:20 AM - Post#1703994    
    In response to foolish

If 90% of gang members are minorities, how is it racist to list 90% of gang members because they're minorities? This isn't even profiling, it's noting that these people are dangerous.

I get that their inevitable lengthy criminal history would come up at a given traffic stop, which would alert the officer to be more cautious, but why not have intelligence to know that Crip guy is suspiciously driving through Blood neighborhood and act on that information?

It's embarrassing, Foolish. If this were "We've listed people who play Dungeons & Dragons because they might have swords", it would never wind up on anyone's radar because D&D guys are 90% crackers.

Race has NOTHING to do with this. This is about dangerous assholes who do unfathomably stupid and violent stuff.


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