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09-13-17 10:47 AM - Post#1704000    
    In response to PuckRogue

PR - this change has NOTHING to do with Dangerous , its about Association.

Let me state one thing up front - I'm not on any crusade about racial profiling. I think, after reading the coverage on this issue, that the gang designation should have gone away because its just wrong, irregardless of racial profiling. Remember, this designation isn't tied to criminality, its tied to association. When a black dude with an arm-long rap sheet is pulled over, there SHOULD be guns drawn and backup called. Same for a white dude with a long sheet. When a black dude gets pulled over who has no record but may have been a blood 20 years ago, he should NOT get a gun drawn and backup called, same with a white dude with no record who may have stayed at a holiday in 20 years ago. Land of rules and laws, they should apply to all equally.

Regarding your first point - the racist thing is not because 90% of bangers are black, its because 99% of blacks aren't bangers yet when profiling is involved they are treated like the 1%.

Off my soapbox.
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