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Yesterday, Wednesday, I am working at Stanfoo and the Sun is orange. One could not see the hills which are very near. THe smell was like you were very close to a campfire and the wind blew it into your person. Today one can see some blue sky. I read online that the Snoopy Ice rink were I played Mite Hockey is still there but closed.

I'll bet that the "disasters" which have hit the USofA willl have the CHinese move into the reconstructed areas of California, Houston, and the areas devastated by the hurricanes. I sense what is going on around me, yeah I know, and not having a typical career lets me think and observe what I will. Not what some "boss" wants me to for the good of the company. Maybe not solely the Chinese but the white man is being eliminated from these areas. One winery owner was stating it is not his problem any more, that his business got scorched. It, the article, was implying it is the son's problem. I am guessing he won't rebuild. A check will be issued and sonny will move out of California. Some "smart house" will be constructed and the residents will not be a third or fourth generation Californian. THis is going on in Palo Alto as I write this and there hasn't been a natural disaster of any kind, yet. It is the older houses near the turn of the 20th Century being raized to make way for these imperialistic, build to the property line mansions.

One article had Barry Bonds, Eric Burns and other has beens running like hell to escape the flames and taking six hours to get to SF, two to three times longer than normal. It has been nuts on a local level, state level and of course an international level.

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