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I'm guessing this will be another strange bedfellows thread, but it certainly appears that there are two segments who don't want immigration reform. For one, those who don't want Trump to have any legislative accomplishments, probably those suffering the most from Trump Derangement Syndrome, and who are willing to see the Democrats shut down government if it means not conceding anything to him. ?

Substitute "Obama" for "Trump" and "Republican" for "Democrat" and you have a post I could have made anytime in the last administration.

Partisan shit aside, it needs to stop. I'm doing my best to form an opinion on each trump move on its own merit, but damn its hard with the media (all of it).

It started on this issue prior to Obama

Bush could have passed immigration reform if the Dems were willing to work with him at all.

Unfortunately they viewed potentially losing support among Hispanics over solving a problem.

I think Trump is doing the calculus to see if he can convince Hispanic voters that he is working on the issue and if he can throw the Shitlibs under the bus for not supporting the bill. It probably forces Dems in swing districts to support a reasonable bill

If you want to talk about Obama and where his values lied, all one needs to look at is his Executive Order on Cuban refugees landing in Florida. It's all about votes. Not principles.

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