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  • foolish Said:
I think the interesting part of the transcript is that the GOP seemed to have no interest in the contents of the dossier, it seemed that their primary interest was how they could tie its funding to the Dems. Given that every intelligence agency says the russians are f-ing with us, and our POTUS is taking a super soft line against the russians (France is going harder even), it seems like they should have been more interested in the potential treason. but thats just me. I'm sure NYRFan will have an alinsky and the Poward all over this post......Foster! Foster! Foster!

It's good that you always have the inane and silly as your hole card.

In fact, the process is infinitely more important than the content.

We've been hearing for a year that simply talking to a Russian person is collusion and treason (oh look, your word) ...... for Trump.

Now that Clinton's campaign has been caught red-handed buying spying on Trump, from Russian and English sources (the actual definition of collusion as well as as the Logan Act), you dismiss it as nothing.

I guess I have to assume that you're "just joking". Otherwise it would be really annoying, and make me say negative stuff.

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