Username Post: 50 Killed Along Gaza-Israel Border
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  • Kanrok Said:
Who in the mainstream media is making Israel out to be perpetual innocent victims?

Serious question.

Also, Israel is pretty good at protecting themselves.

But why shouldn't we be protecting the only true democracy in that part of the world?

Israel has actually long been the victims of Muslim aggression. Here's a pretty long list of the Muslim aggreession they have had to endure:

-Numerous violent pogroms under the British Mandate,
-Pre-1948 civil terrorism after the announcement of UN Resolution 181,
-A Pan-Arab invasion that killed 5% of the Israeli population following the effective date of UN Resolution 181,
-Nearly a decade of brutal terrorism in the 1950s following the creation of Israel,
-The desecration of Israeli symbols and artifacts while Muslims controlled Jerusalem from 1948-1967,
-The 1972 Olympic massacre,
-Terrorism following several Intifadas, and,
-Your garden variety Hamas/Hezbollah terrorism that barely make the news.

Israel always needed the support of the US allies mainly to thwart the USSR from getting involved militarily. And when they started providing tanks, artillery, ground-to-air missiles and other weaponry to Arabs, the USA countered by providing their weaponry and support in most every war Israel fought (all of them were started by Arabs save for the Suez Canal crisis of 1956).

Israel frankly doesn't need very much support from the Arab nations these days. If anything, the only role the USA serves is in protecting Israel from the revisionist anti-Israel EU and UN bodies, who just can't bring themselves to admit that the Muslim countries are the ones who are continually shooting themselves in the foot on this issue. They do this also because they hate the United States, always have, and see Israel as an extension of the USA.

Israel has been historically more than willing to compromise, but have been rebuffed by Arabs at every turn.

Instead, they choose these ridiculous small arms tactics to bring international condemnation from the same anti-USA post-colonial crowd while their chances of a state get smaller and smaller.


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