Username Post: 50 Killed Along Gaza-Israel Border
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  • foolish Said:
I'm not lefty-upset about this (if you were wondering). Though I wonder what the real story is - a lot of dead civilians (including kids) and no injuries on the israeli side?

At this point I wouldn't be shocked if the palestinians were responsible for their own body count. I think Canucko is dead on that Hamas and the like will initiate shit hoping for a huge body count.. I do wish israel would not so energetically oblige when there seems to be no risk to their people or property....

....either way, this doesn't register on my give-a-fuck-o-meter

There were no civilians killed, or at least very few. Most of the 50+ people reported dead were systematically eliminated from within. Meaning they were not shot at by snipers on the Israel side. Nope. The Hamas were infiltrated.

Ask yourself. With all those tires burning and waves of people throwing rocks and bottles, how could a sniper pick out a proper target? Answer? They can't.

Hamas put up to 40,000 people at that gate looking to storm and breach it. It didn't happen because IDF or GCC members infiltrated the group and killed over a dozen Hamas leaders. Then they backed off.

If Israel wanted to, they could have killed hundreds if not thousands of people. But guess what? They didn't.

The capper was Bette f'ing Midler tweeting her scorn in a pro-Palestinian way. Blaming the embassy move to Jerusalem as a cause for the violence. Proof that Midler IS as stupid as she is ugly.

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