Username Post: 50 Killed Along Gaza-Israel Border
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05-16-18 01:01 PM - Post#1713533    
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  • foolish Said:
  • Pete Said:

There were no civilians killed, or at least very few. Most of the 50+ people reported dead were systematically eliminated from within. Meaning they were not shot at by snipers on the Israel side. Nope. The Hamas were infiltrated.

You have zero evidence of this.

I firmly believe that Haas incites these protests hoping the israelis will start shooting, but the idea that they're also the shooters is unsupported. If it is shown to be true I will buy in, but as of now you're making shit up.

Go and do some research then. Go out and look at photos of the hospitals in Gaza. There's no one there. Go look at photos of some of the injured. There are no ambulances on the grounds. no blood anywhere. superficial wounds. Snipers don't shoot people in the leg. Take a look at the caskets of the dead. What is each casket shrouded in? That's right. A flag of Hamas. Indicating that these are not civilians but terrorists.

If you're waiting for the MSM to tell you this you're out of luck.
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