Username Post: Kim Jung Un Agrees to Complete Denuclearization
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06-12-18 05:47 PM - Post#1714123    
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  • Drewman Said:
  • Johnny_Upton Said:
Not sure whats in the deal but if truly leads to a denuclearized NKorea, then its a really big step.

And therein lies the big question: is this just the toothless Paris climate agreement redux? Are there penalties if/when Kim fails to hold up promises? Has he promised to do anything he hasn't already begun doing? Were they ever the nuclear threat that Kim boasts that they are? Heritage Foundation's Bruce Klingner (an ex-CIA officer) says the deal is weaker than the one Clinton offered 25 years ago.

So, it looks all well and good on the surface, but I'd wait and see what's in the agreement before verbally fellating anyone over its legendary status.

lol, as though anybody from the CIA operation would ever allow Trump to do anything, without a full offensive against him / it.

NK military controlled Kim....... CIA / State Dept. controlled NK military.

Trump just took a cool plaything away from the CIA / State and gave it back to the people of North Korea. Ditto Saudi Arabia, and Iran is next.

CIA / State types will never stop fighting Trump tooth and nail.

Same story with FBI ownership of much of the US govt and political landscape. Trump just stole that from them, and is giving it back to the American people.

This shit has been going on for 60 years with the CIA, and nearly 100 with the FBI, going back to Hoover inventing it. These sorry bastards at the top of these cesspools today, don't even remember a time when they didn't own all of this.

It's a shock all the way around, I'm sure. Our govt has been running a long time, with a huge portion owned personally and privately by civilian appointees, who hang around for 40-60 years.

Jeb and Hillary were supposed to make sure it never got interrupted. Trump decided that it was bad business model.

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