Username Post: Kim Jung Un Agrees to Complete Denuclearization
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Not sure whats in the deal but if truly leads to a denuclearized NKorea, then its a really big step.

And therein lies the big question: is this just the toothless Paris climate agreement redux? Are there penalties if/when Kim fails to hold up promises? Has he promised to do anything he hasn't already begun doing? Were they ever the nuclear threat that Kim boasts that they are? Heritage Foundation's Bruce Klingner (an ex-CIA officer) says the deal is weaker than the one Clinton offered 25 years ago.

So, it looks all well and good on the surface, but I'd wait and see what's in the agreement before verbally fellating anyone over its legendary status.

Here's the thing. It's not intended to be a full agreement. This was just the first meeting. You can't expect to have a full comprehensive agreement completed at this juncture, including an implementation plan. Maybe if Democrats didn't hold up Mike Pompeo's appointment, then more could've been done to this point, but alas.

Also, you cannot compare the two deals as if they are apples and apples. Only one of those were regimes had nukes.

The thing last night visit was simply a splashy ceremony, no actual work was done.

Pompeo's several workman-like visits with untold staff, had all of the final agreements squared away back then. Probably all of the real documents signed as well. Whatever they were handling last night was props. Kim couldn't have been more relaxed and jovial because nothing was forged last night. He's had months to relax after all of that really happened.

He's probably relaxed and happy because Trump got rid of NK military / CIA swamprats that were basically holding him hostage.

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