Username Post: Kim Jung Un Agrees to Complete Denuclearization
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06-13-18 01:54 PM - Post#1714142    
    In response to CRussell

What's hilarious is they started out by saying Trump was bullying NK, being "horrible" and starting WW3. Kim was a victim of Trump, and NK was no threat at all.

Now Trump's getting played and giving up the farm, and NK / Kim are back to pure evil and our deadliest enemy.

The trend of acting, speaking, and thinking like little children continues. They don't care that you see them take the opposite stances, every other day.

This is just like Russia. According to the left, they were the world's only hope for goodness and happiness when they were communist. Now that they're broke and weak, but a convenient foil to accuse Trump of 'things' .... they are the most dangerous thing going.

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