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  • Canucko29 Said:
I might get wrath from Kanrok, but oh well. I sure hope they don't overturn Roe versus Wade. I don't condone abortions at all, but I do understand social circumstances and I think this is one issue where I hope there is a middle ground. Eliminate the later term abortions, eliminate funding for abortions, but keep some measure of choice. Not a fan of prohibition. But I'm definitely very happy to see that the Second Amendment will be safe for some time and that business in the USA will continue under a freer market for 30-40 years.

There are a lot of odd twists and turns in the abortion argument.

My body !! Well who the hell speaks for the unborn child's body ? Can't be only the person who wants them dead.

How can it be just a lump of useless flesh one minute, but a person a minute later ?

How can it be NOTHING when the mother kills, but MURDER if someone else does it ?

Lots of ridiculous contradictions and hypocrisy, just to enable a wholly selfish outlook on things. Which seems to be the trend these days. Why is "age adjusted love" not OK if the "younger person says it's OK" ?

You have to have lines drawn, for better or worse, where you just don't bullshit your way through everything, with the goal of "no rules should apply to me".

With abortion, I believe the original, archaic, states' laws is the best solution. Let a state be a theocracy and outlaw abortion and gay marriage. As long as they can't keep you from moving to CA where they pay for your abortions and sex changes. If such a state is so badly outside of the citizenry's beliefs, everybody will leave and they'll go tits up.

I think the liberal mind can't be happy without making everybody, every state, every county and city and town ...... do whatever the liberals dictate for everyone. Can't be happy knowing that they can live in CA, NY, IL, HI, MA, etc..... where all their leftist dreams come true. Just can't stop having palpitations because somebody somewhere else isn't being made to do what they ordered them to do.

States' rights / laws is anathema to liberals. Somebody 2000 miles away just CAN'T be allowed to have a different belief or lifestyle.

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