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08-09-04 08:46 PM - Post#303821    
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I can't believe Brashear isn't in the top 5 alltime! Well, maybe I can believe it, but it's because people don't like him. The guy has been kickin' ass since 97-98, & has only a handful of losses. Love him or hate him nobody has been as dominant as Brashear, with as little respect as him. A couple of people have O'Reilly & Schultz over Brasehar? Ok, personal opinion fair enough, but Brashear has also beaten Domi more times than anyone, & has more losses than Brashear, yet Domi is higher on the list? It's not fair to compare eras but Schultz would get KO'd if he tangled with Brashear. (my opinion) Twist over Brashear? Not a chance...Too many guys left off of Twist's card for him to be a top 10er, (again, my opinion). Guys like Probert, Brown, Wilson, Gillies...true heavys in any era. Guys like Jonathan, Nystrom, Semenko & Playfair super tough, but limited footage of them in their prime. Richter was tough, but there are a lot of players he didn't fight. Hunter is a top 5 guy, along with McSorley. I believe Brashear led the league in majors in 97-98 & he did lead the league in pims with 372. Sure he's fought less as his career went on, but when he fought, he's won 98% of the time. If his style "sucks" then why can't someone beat him at it? Like I said, the main reason he isn't on someone's list, is because of who he is, & because he didn't play in the East during his prime which was 97-98-00-01.
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