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How is that ridiculous? Brashear has been in the NHL since 93-94, & basically a full timer since 95-96. That's 9 years + 34 games between 93-95. Who else does the guy have to fight to get recognition? He has more than triple the fight card a Fotiu or Wilson & has more wins than the two combined. People still rank Brashear for his 1st couple of seasons in Montreal. Starting in 97-98 name 1 fighter who has dominated as much with as few losses as Brashear? What's ridiculous is people's lists with players such as Ferguson, Gassoff, Maloney or Kurtenbach, guys who have a combine video capibility of no more than 10 fights combined. How can anyone honestly rank a player who has 3 fights available? (ex: Gassoff), compared to a guy who has over 100 fights or whatever Brashear has, available against pretty much every tough guy who we have seen fight other tough guys for comparison? Not to pick on Gassoff, cuz I used to live in his hometown of Quesnel, but how can anyone rank Gassoff honestly, without him fighting a Fotiu, Bert Wilson, Gillies, Holmgren, Wensink guys who played in his era? What I'm tryin' to say is how can anyone honestly rank a guy with no footage. Brashear HAS fought elite heavyweights, guys 6'4-6'5 220-245 lbs. Schultz was 6'1 195'lbs, that was considered "big", today as enforcer, that's small. That's where comparing eras comes in, & isn't fair. But since this is a "top 20" list, then all eras are considered. Take a guy like Curt Fraser, he was a boxer, & an excellent fighter, but during his Vancouver days, how many fights of his are available? How do we know he wasn't as tough as Fotiu? He probably had as many if not more fights than Fotiu. He had a reputation. He fought Wilson & lost but it was close so he must be top 5. What about Harold Snepsts? He played in the '70s. He fought & beat Schultz 3x in the same game, so he must be top 5. We have just as many prime Snepsts fights with Vancouver as we do of Gassoff, or Ferguson so he must be top 3! What about Tiger Williams with Toronto? He played in the mid 70's & how much footage of him is available? He fought a lot of guys, he beat Wilson, but I'm forgetting one thing, with the exception of Tiger, these guys played on the West Coast, not in Philly, Boston or NY.
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