Username Post: BC Wildfires! My hometown evacuated.        (Topic#549222)
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07-15-17 11:08 PM - Post#1702014    

If you haven't followed this, it the Fort MacMurray situation from last year. Williams Lake is my home town and my parents still live there, in the home I grew up in. Luckily they left town 2 days ago, as things were not looking good and air quality reach a level of's usually only measure on a scale of 10. Anyhow, it's crazy that I was in Fort MacMurray fighting the fires last year, even planted a tree for my daughter to the residents (a picture that went viral), and now this year, it happening to my hometown. I still have tons a friends that still live there. Praying all goes well. My folks live urban/rural the town site and their area is at high risk for sure. My dad was able to pack up as much as possible, but there's still so much left behind. God, I hope the house makes it.
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07-16-17 08:21 AM - Post#1702015    

    In response to TheScotsman

Scary situation

Hope everyone is safe
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07-16-17 03:09 PM - Post#1702020    

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We've been getting the smoke from Williams Lake for weeks and all other fires. I lived in Williams Lake for a few years.

One thing I noted when I did live there is that the whole place was primed for a disaster like this. The regional politics is so political and backwards, I always figured prevention would be an issue. On top of that, the city is right in the middle of a valley most hardest hit by the mountain pine beetle crisis. These fires were the perfect storm too, covering all flanks.

Sad to see.

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07-17-17 11:26 PM - Post#1702041    

    In response to Canucko29

Have friends in Williams lake and 100 mile.

The smoke has finally hit the Fraser valley.

Scary situation. My neighbours aunt lost the house and farm where she has lived her entire life just outside 100 mile. He has twenty acres he is biting his nails about.Terrible.

They've set up shelters as far south as Cloverdale.

Unfortunately fire season is just starting.

Hoping this comes to an end with a good BC rainforest summer storm. One that rains for a week straight.

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07-18-17 08:25 AM - Post#1702045    

    In response to tmc

I know it's a vast area, but I'm curious as to the history of controlled burns.

That being said, I hope everyone gets out safely with minimum loss of property.
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