Article by Peatycap    (02-10-11 10:09 AM) surprising-choice-to-top- list-of...

10. T. Ruutu
9. Ovechkin
8. Kaleta
7. Lapierre
6. J. Ruutu
5. Downie
4. Ott
3. Pronger
2. Avery
1. Cooke

Good list IMO!

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02-10-11 11:18 AM - Post#1284098    

    In response to Peatycap

Avery isn't that dirty, he's just a huge cunt.

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02-10-11 12:54 PM - Post#1284141    

    In response to steeles21

Agreed Avery isn't really dirty, just a tool.

Good list, I'd have Downie higher. He's a prick.
#1 - Brian McGrattan (Champ)
#2 - Jay Rosehill
#3 - Luke Gazdic

Fighter of the Year - McGrattan
Rookie of the Year - Gazdic
Fight of the Year - Lucic vs Rechlicz

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02-10-11 01:27 PM - Post#1284158    

    In response to Brawls16

figures this would be a Boston stations top 10.

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02-10-11 01:57 PM - Post#1284175    

    In response to Crosby87

Like you guys have said Avery shouldn't be on that list. Avery may be hated by his peers, but it’s for his trash talking not for his dirty play. They list the Smid incident and that immediately sky rockets him to #2 on the list? I agree that was a cheap shot, but there are still many that didn’t even think that play was cheap. He certainly has a reputation for being disliked, but I’ve never heard players say that Avery intentionally tried to injure them.

Burrows speared Staal in the nuts 3 weeks ago, does that automatically mean he’s a dirty player? I don’t think so. One play doesn’t make someone a dirty player. I don't know enough about Burrows to say he's not dirty, just saying based on that one incident I won't say he is

I think Kaleta should be A LOT higher. I’d say that if Cooke is #1A then Kaleta is #1B

There’s a huge difference between trash talking and trying to injure someone. Sticks & stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you

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