Username Post: Politico on Fake News in the Oval Office        (Topic#549082)
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05-15-17 10:00 AM - Post#1699219    

I hesitate to post this, but I think it offers an interesting theory at least. I've found it puzzling how sometimes DJT does really seem logical and reasoned, and then he spins around and says something completely ridiculous that anyone over 20 should be able to see through. What if the reason for these occasional fits of lunacy is not that he's actually nuts, but that the synchophants he has surrounded himself with are feeding him junk? ld-tr...
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05-17-17 09:12 PM - Post#1699348    

    In response to foolish

Trump is on the news at least 1-2 hrs per day easy. The guy is obsessed with the news, and does he over react to anything NEGATIVE about himself, 10 times out of 10.

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