Username Post: Ducks vs Panthers 2/19/12        (Topic#535018)
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02-20-12 02:00 PM - Post#1404759    

G.Parros ANA vs K.Barch FLA

Parros is starting to fight a bit more lately, this time him and Barch mutually agree to square off. The start by spinning around with looping rights that none seem to be landing, then in close they come with some short lefts each, then back to the spinning around rights in which Barch lands a nice one, and then they eventually tire out after an 80 second tilt. DRAW/EDGE BARCH for best punch.
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02-20-12 02:43 PM - Post#1404780    

    In response to Huard28

I´d say win Barch. He landed the best punch and was more active. Parros was kind of off balance during most of the fight and didn´t seem to get his right set, as he just threw it weak and very in-accurate.

Well, at least we have had a few heavyweight fights the last week, after a dreadful period of time. Parros went with Kassian aswell (and did better than last night), Scott going twice over the weekend, Kassian-Thornton in a good, long tilt. Sestito, although not a true heavyweight, has been a breath of fresh air untill he got injured. Let´s hope this small little positive trend from last week continues.
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02-20-12 11:49 PM - Post#1404949    

    In response to Kordic

Great job by Barch here to eek out a close decision if there's one to be handed out. It was kind of an anti-climactic shitter in the early going but Barch got Parros tied up sort of awkwardly and tagged him with a couple of beauties in the middle of the fight that had Big George looking a little less comfortable in the pocket than he's normally looked the past couple of seasons. Very good showing by Barch. Although nothing real decisive happened and the dry could probably fly, I think Barch did enough to take the victory here. Win Barch.
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02-21-12 12:50 AM - Post#1404952    

    In response to Drunk_24-7

I have to score a DRAW of this solid bout, Parros with better control and quantity as Barch seemed to land best punches but also Parros landed strong shots IMO.
Good show by both but i think Parros needs to opens up more with a toe to toe style proving his balls.
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