Username Post: St. Louis vs Dallas 4/7/12        (Topic#535787)
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04-07-12 09:39 PM - Post#1425336    

B.Jackman STL vs R.Garbutt DAL

They come together behind the Blues net in 2nd period after going at it pretty good. Jackman keeps pushing him down so Garbutt comes up and drops his gloves and they go. All grappling but Jackman does uncork a few lefts but he's really not interested in fighting here. EDGE JACKMAN.
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04-07-12 10:19 PM - Post#1425351    

    In response to Huard28

Jackman won that fight but he was a total dick with all the pushes preventing Garbutt from getting up to actually have the fight. I was hoping Garbutt would drop him but he didn't. He lost the fight. Win Jackman.
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04-07-12 10:24 PM - Post#1425353    

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Win Jackman but he can't fight worth a fuck anymore and he used to be OK at it
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04-08-12 02:19 AM - Post#1425395    

    In response to Blues 34

Theres no edge lol but CLEAR WIn goes to Jackman after getting loose his left hand later.
There was a good grappling early and middle but Jackman get free to land 4-5 solid blows and it was over quickly next.
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