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02-14-18 07:48 AM - Post#1710392    

    In response to Jax

  • Jax Said:
I thought the movie version of IT was pretty good, although they did chickenshit out of some of the more disturbing events in the novel. If they went into Pennywise's origins in depth the movie would be three three-hour installments, like Lord of the Rings.
Part two, when they return to Derry as adults 27 years later when Pennywise returns,should be good.

Thanks for the updste. I did go read a synopsis of the book and it appears the movie took liberties with the sequence of events. The movie takes place exclusively in 1988/89 I believe. While the book has most of the scenes depicted in the film happening back in the mid-'50s.

When the movie ended, it clearly said "It Part 1" as the trailing image. So I assume the sequel will take place 27 years later but will again take liberties with the sequence of events and probably show the characters in their late 30s in the year 2015.

Anyway, I've spent a lot of time in this thread on what I thought was a very mediocre and disappointing film. Oh well.
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02-17-18 11:40 AM - Post#1710538    

    In response to Pete

came across this old favorite on the Firestick:

Long Gone, with William Peterson, Virginia Madsen and Dermot Mulroney

Story of the Tampico Stogies, a low minor-league baseball team, and its star player and manager, Stud' Cantrell, as they battle for the league championship amidst the corruption and racism of the American south.
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03-03-18 05:18 PM - Post#1711280    

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  • HenryHanson Said:
Oscar Nominated Short Live Action Films of 2017.
I would recommend these, this film as it was shown, all five of them on Showtime. There is one from Hungary, Denmark, France, Spain and Switzerland. The one from Hungary has a new pre-teen girl attending a school and wanting to join its choir. The are a celebrated group which travels around Europe. It shows how unfair life is and the age when one learns of it.

The Denmark one has a man from Ghana coming over on a boat with others. He is a refugee and ends up homeless. He meets a single young woman in the shelter of the Salvation Army and falls in love. It deals with Europe's influx of refugee's and morality of people. The one from France also is reflecting today's norms. An Algerian wants to apply for citizenship to "the French Republic." He is being questioned by a young man who appears to be fascist or very cautious. Both of these show what Europe is going through as it is becoming more of a melting pot. Respectively by refugees and in the French film there are Arabs which raises concerns for the Republic.

The one from Spain has two guards watching a parking lot via computer screens. The young man works the graveyard and the young woman works the day shift. The communicate via post it notes as to which screen and times to watch.

The one from Switzerland has a very French flavor. The TVG speeds by a senior woman's house every morning and she waves a Swiss flag as it passes. She makes a human contact, she has a dial phone, and writes letters, with a passenger and will not "send and internet." This is based on actual facts. At the end of the presentation of the films there is a website where one can predict the Oscar. I hope it is the Swiss one. Though the Denmark and French ones
are very PC.

OK I just found out that these were up for the Oscar during 2017. Sing won the Oscar, I suppose sub-consciously I knew this as I watch the show each year, and mark the ballot provided by the Entertainment section of the Sunday paper, yeah I know.
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03-11-18 06:06 PM - Post#1711547    

    In response to HenryHanson

The Disaster Artist

This is up there on my favourite movies list from last year. James Franco is truly brilliant in this one. He goes a little bit Latka in this one, but it definitely qualifies as a transformation.

A movie that makes you want to watch the worst film ever made has to be considered a success.


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