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12-09-17 04:50 PM - Post#1707658    

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  • HenryHanson Said:
Logan Lucky is the story of some unlucky Rednecks. Channing Tatum's character would have made the NFL had he not torn his knee up and his brother, played by Adam Driver, got his hand blown off on the way to the airport as he was leaving the War. Tatum's character is found limping to his truck after work and is laid off, a pre-existing condition which was not reported. He and his crew were fixing the sink holes which were plaguing the Charleston Motor Speedway. He was privy to some codes for the security and the goings on of the tubes, pneumatic, which are used for cash drops.
While the subject matter might not be glamorous, Steven Soderberg does a great job of directing as usual. The performances and humor are so low key that if you can watch it a second time, if needed. I would recommend this very much and give it four outta five stars.

Which allows him to pull off a huge heist at the Speedway. I did forget to include that important piece of info, his crew is hilarious.
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Once Upon a Time in Venice

This one came out earlier this year. It stars Bruce Willis as a washed up police officer, now a skateboarding private detective in Venice Beach, California. As he's investigating some rather lewd graffiti, his dog gets stolen by a couple punks, who sell it to some local Hispanic gangbangers lead by Spyder, played admirably by Jason Momoa. Along the way he hangs out with his friend, a washed up surfer who did too much acid back in the day, played by John Goodman, and his younger partner played by Thomas Middleditch (nerdy guy from the very funny horror The Final Girls), who also narrates the story. Also has Kal Penn as the disgruntled neighborhood convenience store clerk.

This is actually a good movie, but I put it in the meh category because it dragged and I wound up falling asleep 3/4 of the way through.
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Daddy's Home 2 was a pretty funny movie. The wife and I love a good Christmas movie, didnt let us down. Hope to Murder on the Orient Express over the holidays-we both enjoy Agatha Christie.
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