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I enjoyed WW, too.
Recently watched an Aussie movie on Netflix called Boys in the Trees. It was labeled as a horror flick but I thought it was more like a coming-of-age tale set on Halloween. It's about a group of boys who bully another boy. Every year on Halloween they egg his house. One of the boys in the "gang" seems to have grown out of finding this fun, though. He's the only one of the group actually growing up, it seems.
Anyway, he splits with the group on Halloween night and ends up running into the boy they bully. The two hang out and talk about when they were kids. Turns out they were all best friends as kids but as they grew up they grew apart and the one kid ends up being odd man out. Kind of a touching film. Like I said, I'm not sure it deserves to be labeled a horror, but there are some eerie twists that you can kind of see coming. I'd recommend it.

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