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04-05-12 07:22 PM - Post#1424290    

I gotta say, I like this film more every time I watch it. The action scenes are superb, raw and realistic, and pretty frequent. The second time you watch it you'll find yourself skipping to the real attraction which is those scenes, similar to sexual intercourse in a porno feature, but that's a mistake, there's a cliched but well played story between. I like it. And for a movie made in 2010 or 11 (newer dvd release now) for only 7 million dollars, production is excellent. Saw it on a buddies home theatre couchlocked and it was extremely good. If you like crime/police drama, and/or action scenes with an impact not some fantasy cgi horseshit but motherfuckers getting fucked up, check this out.
Tom Berenger's charecter, a mild and nearly elderly fellow, is pretty cool. Bas Rutten is an evil henchman, and my man Sonny Puzikas was not only technical advisor but appears in the film briefly to die like a dog in the street demoing a bizzare tactical skill apparently learned in Spetznaz

The is a preview on it for Texas Killing Fields, anyone see it? Looks pretty good and Michael Mann produced it (his daughter directed), definately does not seem to be the feelgood movie of the year.
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05-13-13 10:41 PM - Post#1537311    

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thought I'd bump this, as I've been continuously dissappointed by the few flicks to come out in the last several years I even wanted to 2010 on, pure shit. Except this,Oxymorons, and Killer Joe.

Sinners and Saints is IMO the best independent action film ever. I mean you can smell the mold in the air in the post-Katrina shacks, feel the thud of bodies hitting the floor, seriously good shit.
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