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01-16-13 03:11 PM - Post#1499364 ...

Cool pics.
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01-16-13 03:49 PM - Post#1499379    

    In response to Pagey

The pictures are definitely cool.

I dive a bit, and agree that sharks usually are benign . . . until the rare time that they are not. It is always exciting to see sharks on a dive, but any time I spot one larger than me, I keep my distance and am VERY wary. These are unpredictable creatures that can kill you in seconds if they feel like it. A human has no chance in their environment, at depth.

IMHO, the guys in these pictures are taking some pretty big risks just to get some cool photos. Supposedly, one of the reasons sharks are cautious of divers is the noise and bubbles caused by SCUBA equipment -- these guys, as free divers, don't even have that. To each his own.
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