Username Post: Patrick Bordeleau has made the Colorado Avalanche        (Topic#538324)
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01-16-13 06:49 PM - Post#1499425    

Mike Chambers ?@MChambersDP

Avs keep D Tyson Barrie and F Patrick Bordeleau, send Sgarbossa and Elliott down and DVG waivers Thu

I'm looking forward to see what he can do in his first shot at the NHL.

Have my fingers crossed for Bordy vs Konopka/Kassian.
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01-16-13 06:55 PM - Post#1499426    

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That is awesome. I'm pleasantly surprised at all of the enforcers that seem to still have a chance. I'm hopeful that this will force the Sharks to keep McLaren.
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01-16-13 06:56 PM - Post#1499428    

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Gonna be interesting to see what happens when the Av's sign O'Reilly. That said, Bordeleau has paid his dues big time and hope he sticks with the Av's.
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01-16-13 08:14 PM - Post#1499457    

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Awesome news. He's an instant contender. He hasn't lost to many but he doesn't have an overly deep fight card. That said, there's not all that much competition left in the league and I don't think there's anyone who's out of his league, MacIntyre maybe and he may not even make it. I think he'd hammer Konopka but he and Kassian would be a wicked war. Hopefully that one goes down as it'd a be a heavyweight slugfest between rookie sort of up and coming enforcers who are the best of a new sort of field that's better than anyone who's come along since the Orr/McGrattan/Godard/Pete rs class. Kassian, Bordeleau, Peluso and Bollig are all solid additions who will hopefully stick around full time.
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Not only is the NHL totally fucked it's fans are out to lunch now as well

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