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01-21-13 08:02 PM - Post#1501287    

Zack Smith vs Keeton Ellerby

Quick fight -- Ellerby hits Smith with a big hit
and Zack Smith is looking for some revenge, they meetup and start throwing its mostly Smith throwing right hands and maybe 1-2 from Ellerby and they go down to the ice.

Decision Smith
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01-22-13 12:01 AM - Post#1501367    

    In response to GOON 21

Awesome hit by Ellerby to start this one. Props to Smith for getting up from being rocked like that and having his facalties about him enough to take Ellerby to task for it and get the job done when the gloves came off. Smith hit him with about a half a dozen unanswered rights before dumping him to the ice for the easy win. Ellerby didn't do much of anything in the fight but man what an awesome body check he put into Smith to spark the scrap. Win Smith.
"To be honest, even though he lost, Hendricks did a better job of enforcing than most heavyweight enforcers do." - Peatycap

Not only is the NHL totally fucked it's fans are out to lunch now as well

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01-22-13 07:09 AM - Post#1501405    

    In response to Drunk_24-7

It started out by great and clean hit.
Just keep your head up dude!
The fight itself wasnt much but Smith kept the weapons in his hand to beat up clearly Ellerby.
all star
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01-22-13 08:00 AM - Post#1501421    

    In response to juha82

Nice to see Smith stand up for himself and get the win over Ellerby.

I am slightly annoyed that fighting in the NHL has come down to people being pissed after a nice clean hit.
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