Username Post: Florida vs Montreal 1/22/13        (Topic#538433)
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01-22-13 08:46 PM - Post#1501742    

Thomas Fleischman runs Josh Gorges from behind face first against the boards, in comes flying Ryan White who unloads on the cheap euro trash and drops him with two-three solid rights. White gets the game misconduct. The Florida feed just fucking sucks, announcers saying White's move was "bush league". Whatever, win White.

Fuck I hate the NHL.
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01-22-13 08:48 PM - Post#1501745    

    In response to Pagey

It's former Hab, Bill Lindsay doing all the crying too! Good on White, I like seeing guys being made to pay for being cheap. No reason for the 17 minute package though...
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01-22-13 10:05 PM - Post#1501799    

    In response to ILB

props to white... he may as well keep unloading, since he is getting the game misconduct anyway...
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01-22-13 10:35 PM - Post#1501811    

    In response to rancidis

Cheap hit from behind by Fleischman as he goes out of his way to push a guy face first into the boards who hasn't seen him yet. White comes in and smacks him with a beauty but then he let up a little bit. He should have really poured it on him and gotten his moneys worth out of the lame package call but good on him for responding anyway and sending a nice message with that haymaker he planted on Fleischman. Another prime example of how the instigator rule is terrible for hockey and makes it a cheaper, dirtier game. Great job by Ryan White here. Win White.
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Not only is the NHL totally fucked it's fans are out to lunch now as well

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01-23-13 01:23 AM - Post#1501845    

    In response to Drunk_24-7

It was going HOT at this game, at this point as Montreal hockey player cheap shotted a Floridas player with a hit which was 1-2 meter of the boards so it was dirty and coming a bit of behind back.
Another cheap hit again, payback.
Then it was a short time for a fightning but other wasnt ready or not wanting any ... It was onesided outcome.
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