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Hey guys, just an FYI for all the Philly guys. This Saturday (April 8), Todd Fedoruk will be at the new Xfinity store by the Willow Grove Mall. He's going to be there from 12-2 signing autographs. I'm local so I'll be stopping by. I met him once before, but that was about 15 years ago. Plus I'll bring my daughter with me so she can meet a real enforcer. He's pretty well respected on this sight so I figured everyone would want to know. Link is below. illo...

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Maybe I'll swing by. They have a chik fil a in the food court which is a double win.

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My buddy saw him before the Devils/Flyers game a few weeks ago. He said he was a very cool dude, but dumb as rocks.
Devils John Madden being interviewed:
Interviewer- How does it feel to cover Gomez?
Madden- I don't know. I don't cover 3rd line centers.

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