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06-16-17 10:04 AM - Post#1700907    

    In response to TGR32

Wow! Another transcript from the I hate Tom Brady Support Group.

Facilitator: Welcome back guys. I wanted to welcome some new members but my understanding is that the Chicago Members have been having a really hard time emotionally. They keep calling my emergency number 1-800 getoveritcupcakes.

(Name Withheld aka "The Lawyer") Well doc..he keeps doing it. He won't stop posting after I post. I know the second I stop he's going to claim he won.

Facilitator: Will the world end if you just stop?

(Name Withheld aka "The Lawyer") Well the last time it happened, I cried for days. I just rolled up in a ball and cried. I held onto my Bears teddy bear and cried my eyes out. I wish I could just scratch this mean man's eyes out!

(Name Withheld aka "The Plagiarist") Well I had had enough so I finally fought back.

Facilitator: What brought this on?

(Name Withheld aka "The Plagiarist") Well I keep having those fantasies about Tom Brady wearing a Bears jersey and Uggs and the cheesy 70's music and then this Pat's fan claimed he played a trick on us. He claims he suckered us into doing all this. He claimed he pushes our buttons.

That can't be true can't it?

Facilitator: I hate to break this to you guys. But Pat's fans are very sick people. They have a very sick senses of humor. They enjoy watching you get upset over the Pat's success. The madder you get about it the more these sicko's enjoy it.

I want you all to remember what I taught you in how to cope with these fans. Deny it all....its okay. We're emotionally weak and that's okay. Create a false fantasy that they cheated and when responding to them use the *.

Although this has been less effective in recent years because they keep winning. They've won 2 out of the last 3 and now it seems to just roll off of them without any effect.

Now what did you do to get back at this Pat's fan who suckered you into all of this?

(Name Withheld aka "The Plagiarist") Well I gave him a lecture and told him that its pretty sad he is so alone on this site.

Facilitator: And what he do?

(Name Withheld aka "The Plagiarist") He said he was happy for me. He said he was glad a bunch of emotionally weak grown men could form a support group like this and cope with their weaknesses.

That they could find strength in each other.

He said he didn't need that since his team won all the time and he wished us luck with our crying and hugging.

Facilitator: People...I want you to understand something. These Pats fans look down at us. They think we're a bunch of crybabies for all our whining and crying and supporting each other in our emotional weaknesses. they laugh at us. They mock us. The angrier we get...the funnier it is to them. To them we are just the butt end of a joke.

But I tell you. It takes strong men to get together and cry over our football teams fortunes. We don't have that luxury of winning like they do.

Now let's pair off and hug and have a good cry. I want you to cry this Pat's fan out of your mind.

"So happy I decided to become a Seahawks fan."

Kanrok quitting on the Bears November 2016

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