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the fightguy42
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07-11-17 09:18 PM - Post#1701911    

I'm looking for the dvd "Bruins Frozen In Time" and one that has working menus you know an exact copy of the original.

I got a copy from oldtimebruin4(paul) but he doesn't make his dvd copies now a days like everyone does or should do with a duplicator machine or on a computer.

The way he makes dvds everyone is playing the disc in 1 machine while recording it onto another a P2P copy which is what there called and it's like he's back in the vhs days making copies from tape to tape.

In this day and age when i make a trade i expect an exact copy of the dvd that person has not some broken down copy cause the way he makes copies it compresses the quality which he thinks it doesn't but it does and he fails to realize that even after somone else i know told him it does.

So i'm not only looking for the bruins dvd but i wanted to alert fellow traders of the primitive way he makes copies of dvds.

Also i'm not talking about quality either here people cause we all know how that works with putting your old tapes onto dvd and unless they are a 1st or 2nd generation the quality will be what it is, what i'm talking about is getting an EXACT COPY OF THE DVD THAT PERSON HAS YOUR TRADING FOR AND ARE EXPECTING TO GET JUST THAT AN EXACT COPY!!!

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07-13-17 10:24 AM - Post#1701949    

    In response to the fightguy42

Not that anybody cares but this is about my not wanting to trade any more rare footage to him. If you read his post even he admits its not about quality because he knows the quality that I sent him is better than the quality he sent me. No matter how I copy . Also he doesn't tell you that 10 out of 10 dvds he sent me using his duplicator froze. I guess because he uses the cheapest looking dvds I have ever seen. I didnt even care because most of the footage was just updates. But the ONLY 2 games that I was to receive from him that I didn't have and were listed as complete both were missing full periods of action.
Obviously when you trade for a game your are interested in the fights in the game. Both games were missing the periods that had the fights. His answer to me was I should have looked on some trading web site he uses [IPLANET]. He doesn't think that is a big deal that he didn't tell me there were full periods missing. He said no trader would care they would understand thats the only footage available.
Of course guess he can't understand that if I knew the fights and full periods were missing I wouldn't want the games. Just like any reasonable trader.

Again like HE said this is not about the quality. I sent him high quality rare footage. He is just trying to be spiteful because I won't deal with him anymore.
I just told him we don't make good trade partners. But if he is going to nitpick about how someone copies off of masters he shouldn't use crap dvds that freeze and more importantly he should be up front with the footage he is sending in a trade. That is important. Sorry to waste you time with this petty crap .
the fightguy42
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07-13-17 01:58 PM - Post#1701953    

    In response to oldtimebruin4

First off this isn't about rare footage at all or wanting to trade with you ever again it's about wanting an exact copy of the bruins dvd with working menus not a P2P copy that compresses the quality but you can't see or understand that you (fill in the blank)

Yes i had some bad discs in the last 2 batches i bought but you failed to mention that part paul that i did send you new discs to replace the ones that froze up and i replace any dvd someone gets from me if it freezes up on them or any other issue they have cause it's the right thing to do.

People have their own preference of what brand of dvds they like and i told you some people i deal with either put the discs they get from me on their hard drive or make another copy using the brand they like.

You've been the only one ever to bitch about the discs i use cause as long as it plays fine is the main point not what brand is used.

The rare footage my buddy and i got we weren't happy with cause of the P2P copies you made, but you did go out to a store and get exact copies made so with that you did do the right thing.

Now about the quality you got an exact copy of the discs i have and the quality is what it is and i try to get the best quslity of any dvd i trade for and i don't run them off in a dvd player and then record them with a dvd recorder to compress the quality and yes most of the discs you got from me were made by 1 of the 2 duplicator machines i have or on my computer so don't say it was my machines i had some bad discs and you got replacement ones.

You even said to me in 1 email that you'll start using your computer to make copies, well do that with the bruins dvd then instead of taking it out to a store to get it made cause you'll be making an exact copy with your computer.

Now you also didn't mention i didn't say the 2 games were full games i just gave you the dates and the teams and yes i said big deal a period is missing in the games but it's better then not having any footage of the game at all and any reasonable trader knows that cause it's better to have something then nothing.

Obviously not everyone who trades for a game is looking for a fight paul it's about the footage like i said before and i also didn't know the 1 game wasn't complete until after i made you a copy and sent it and told you sorry i didn't know at first so that's another thing you failed to mention.

I could care less if i'm trading for a game that doesn't have a fight,a period,missing footage or is just 1 period cause it's about having the footage and so many traders know that but you don't understand and you probably never will.

I should have been told up front how you make dvd copies cause i would have NEVER dealt with you at all but i thought in this day and age and with technology you would make copies on a duplicator machine or your computer but i was wrong on that. I also will say my site that isn't up to date right now cause of new games i have but i do have what is missing from games on my site so people know when they are looking for a game and making a trade with me.

What have you contributed to this hobby in the 30 years you've said you've been doing this?

I'd like to know what you put out there that alot of people have and traded for over the years cause
i have made over 150 dvds at least that are out in this hobby like season fight dvds, team fight dvds, player fight dvds, games so on and i've only been at this for 21 years.

Plus why don't you learn to set you sony machine to have chapters so when people get a dvd from you then can skip forward every 5,10 or 15 minutes cause you have your machine set for no chapters and have to fast forward all the way when looking for a certain part of the game and that's a pain in the ass cause my dvds are set you can jump ahead every 5 minutes.

The bruins dvd was from our 1st deal paul not the 2nd and the 2nd deal everything went fine once you took out the 2 leafs games from 71 out to be made so my buddy and i got an exact copy so the 2nd trade to me is complete.

This is about our 1st deal and your the one who reached out knowing i wasn't happy with half of the dvds you sent me cause the quality was bad and i tossed them out. You didn't complain about any of the discs you got from me in our 1st deal so there's 1 more thing you forgot to mention so that makes 4 things so far you never mentioned on your post.

Nitpick i don't think so i am just alerting people to the way you make dvd copies so they are not mislead thinking they are getting an exact copy of a dvd and when in turn it's not an exact copy and this isn't petty crap all i want is another copy of the bruins dvd you sent me and once again that means an exact copy.

So in closing for now all i'm asking for is for you to make good from our 1st trade and send me an exact copy of the bruins dvd plain n simple.

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07-13-17 04:40 PM - Post#1701955    

    In response to the fightguy42

This is the last time I will respond to you. First you didn't replace all the dvds I told you it doesn't matter I just want to be done with you. you replaced 4

Second why on your site do you tell what is missing ? simple because collectors want to know what there getting. You say people don't care if the games are complete and show the fights in the game .ARE YOU JOKING. They just are happy to get some footage. ARE YOU JOKING. You received items that were rare and you couldn't get anywhere. 100% true. The quality of the items are top level .100% true. The only reason you knew they were not from a computer was because your friend saw the play arrow at the start of his dvd. YOU SAY that you would never have traded with me if you knew how I copied. WELL THEN HOW DID YOU MAKE TWO TRADES with me. This is a problem you say from the first trade so how do you make a second trade since what I do is so bad. You didn't say anything about a lot of missing footage and missing fights which I think all agree is very important in what we choose to trade for. . 100% true. With all of your high tech knowledge 10 out of 10 dvds you sent me froze 100 % true.

One last point what I have given to this hobby. I was sending video's and pictures for fight fans to enjoy for years. audios of fights from the 70's etc. Sharing. Trading. finding new classic footage. You my friend made all of your dvds with selling in mind. So if your proud of your contribution great. I have been a collector of all things to do with hockey fights since the late 60's. I have enjoyed the sharing of accounts and details of the fights along with the debates that went along with them. In other words I enjoyed the hobby. Obviously I am still enjoying finding classic stuff that even a great contributor like you doesn't have access to. And I will continue to try. I just won't be trading with you.

Lets just stop with this. I am way to old to be arguing about this petty crap. I copy old school. You don't think its important to tell the details of what people get from you. Someone should shoot us both.
the fightguy42
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07-13-17 08:35 PM - Post#1701959    

    In response to oldtimebruin4

I replaced the only the ones you told me about that froze in the emails i would have replaced all of them if you told me the others froze as well but you didn't say all of them until on here on you FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!

I tell people on my site and on the site i do my trading on as well as others on that site say what's missing in games so no one is mislead with what they are getting unlike you and your P2P FUCKING COPIES!!!

Here's an example the flyers-flames 4/14/74 game out there is missing the 2nd period but yet so many people have it and i bet if you asked them all they would say i wish the missing period was there but their just happy to have the footage as i am happy just to have the footage of that game.

If you ever went on that site you'll see mostly all the traders list what is missing in games and yet no one complains about it and people still trade for those games that aren't complete because THEY ARE HAPPY TO JUST HAVE SOME FOOTAGE THEN NONE!!!

NO I'M NOT FUCKING JOKING not everyone thinks like you thank god with your pea brain paul that the game has to have a FIGHT OR HAS TO BE COMPLETE and i for one sure as don't and others don't as well and a couple more examples of full games i'd like to get are.

#1 the 75 all star game (NO FIGHTS) but having the 20min of nhl action film is fine.
#2 & #3 the flyers vs bruins 1974 games 1 and 5 i'd like complete games but they are what they are with missing periods and i'm glad just to have the footage that's available out there.

Your wrong about my buddy i noticed during our first trade that the bruins disc started up showing menus but i couldn't access them the dvd just started playing i was just like that maybe that's how he got the dvd and i'll admit i never thought you made your copies the way you do i just chalked it up as well i've gotten discs like this before i'll just go and try to find the source to get an exact copy.

Now even before my buddy said something to me when he saw the play marker on the screen i noticed the 2 leafs games weren't an exact copy at all and went these must be P2P copies and you got to be kidding me with the money that was just put out for them.

Well then i went and looked at the few games i did save from our first trade and saw they all ended with a sony menu at the end so that was the first dead give a way and i knew something was wrong that you didn't make copies the way normal people do.

Now once my buddy did see the play arrow he knew right away something was wrong as well. So i called him after we exchanged emails and we compared times of the discs and only 1 we both had the same time but where he had the beginning saying what game and part it is and i didn't we both were PISSED THE FUCK OFF and no one can blame us cause we thought we were getting exact copies YOU NEVER ONCE SAID how you copy your dvds and i should have been told from the get go plain n simple and here's a quote from the other site which i know you've read in my email before.

"How dvd copies should be made "in this day & age" ?
Via a duplicator or on PC or another software format so there will be no
resulting inferior picture and sound.

"Player to player" discs ? No. The trader who's going to copy a game using this obsolete "P2P' method, better let the other trader know BEFORE the trade takes place."

Now the second trade you emailed me knowing i wasn't happy with the dvds i got from you in our first trade and you wanted to trade and make it up to me with a second so we did but i'm not talking about the second trade now that's over and done with.

I'll admit the only reason i did the second trade was to get those 2 leafs games from 1971 that i can use to get more rare games which i know will be made on a pc or duplicator machine with people who know how to make dvd copies.

On your last point ok you were sending fights videos but did you make them yourself by putting all the footage together so that is the question or were they fight videos you got in trade?

Now where did i once mention selling cause i never said one word about that i'm talking about i made alot of dvds that have been traded and traded for years. I am not only a collector of fights but games,highlight dvds and so on but you are just about the fights and that's fine that's what you like.

Great you found more classic footage i'm happy for you but alot of stuff does get back to me one way or another so just don't think cause you trade it another person won't cause your wrong there paul.

I already knew you were a talker saying i got this rare footage and that rare footage and i could tell you like to hoard it, but once you saw a price you liked you sold 2 of the rare games and made good on them by taking them out to get made so they were exact copies so i can't fault you on that you did the right thing there.

I'm not worried about trading with you again especially the method you use to copy dvds which is like the old vcr days and you'll never understand it compresses the quality cause maybe your too stupid to realize it and maybe one day you'll get with the program and learn to make copies on your pc or buy a duplicator machine like plenty of people have so this way you can make exact copies.

It is important about details of a game weather about the quality or if it's complete and once again like i said in an email i didn't know the one game wasn't complete until i made you a copy and shipped it and told you sorry.

But you want to harp on it still after i said i'm sorry cause a lousy fight was missing from the missing period big fucking deal you should just be happy you have the footage as i am to have it but your old ass likes to complain and i knew that awhile ago.

Now if you reply oh he cursed i will say your damn right i did cause ALL I WANT IS AN EXACT COPY OF THE BRUINS DVD TO MAKE OUR FIRST TRADE RIGHT.

So how does it look that you sold dvds and then won't make good on just 1 dvd from our first trade to complete it?

Again also you failed to mention you asked me to trade the first time and i only wanted a couple but you said you had the others and you were like i don't see this or that on your site so i said ok let's make it a 10 for 10 trade to make you happy on that trade so why aren't you talking about that?

So just make it right paul and send me an exact copy of the bruins dvd cause you have failed to mention alot of things with your comments and having people now know you won't send 1 dvd to complete an early trade n sold dvds plus now it's out in the open how you make copies it doesn't look bad towards me.

Not only have people read this thread but i've also told people in emails weather you know them or not how you make dvd copies and all have agreed with me and these people might have or not have been in this hobby as long as me but they all saw my point cause no one wants to be mislead into thinking what they are trading for isn't an exact copy and they don't like being cheated on for just 1 dvd when you agree to make a trade.

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