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A while back the SF Chronicle had written that the A's would stop sending away its players. I just checked and Yonder Alonso is a Mariner. I cannot believed I was surprised. I am reading Scott Turbow's new book a look back on the A's dynasty of the 70's. It was mind boggling the players the A's developed. In Moneyball Billy Beane brought in geeks and tore apart the old regime of scouts. According to the movie he started a trend of the way GM's think and field a team. Theo Epstein was hired where Beane turned down the Redsox and won a few WS, then he goes to Chicago, the NOrthside, and wins it all too. Meanwhile Beane is still shuffling players around for the perfect..., I just can't tell ya anymore. Five years ago they were a series away from the WS and three years ago they lost to the two time defending ALC Royals. I'd guess if they had time to mature as a team... ah fukit.

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Also recently they have given away Brad Peacock and Drew Pomeranz who have both gone on to flourish.
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You don't think a limited budget has anything to do with it? Epstein has thrived in 2 cities where money was no object. Can't say the same for Beane.
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The fire sale by Charlie O. Finley was epic. He stocked all the best teams in the AL for the next 5 years. Rudi, Bando, Tenace, Reggie, Claudell, Catfish, Rollie, Holtzman, Blue Moon, Vida Blue. Herb Washington lol.

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