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09-12-17 02:27 PM - Post#1703977    

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Good on Riley for this. Glad he is speaking out.
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09-13-17 10:24 AM - Post#1703996    

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Riley Cote was always just a real cool guy. He actually sent me onw of his untelevised preseason fights. I talked to him a few times when he was a Phantom so it was exciting watching him in the NHL. When he beat McGrattan I jumped off the sofa in celebration it was awesome.

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09-16-17 06:57 AM - Post#1704094    

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I didn't realize the NHL didn't test for marijuana. Interesting that's in a non-issue. With the NFL and NHL being such high contact sports, with lots of wear and tear, you'd think the NFL would look at the NHL as a case study.

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09-18-17 05:07 PM - Post#1704136    

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I honestly think the NFL's obsession with weed is primarily race-based.

Hockey players are primarily white kids from "good" homes who (if they grew up in Canada) have been around weed their whole lives and know to be low key about it.

NFL players are primarily not white and from rougher upbringings and come from societies that promote the criminal aspect of weed culture and would definitely not be low-key about it if pay checks weren't at risk.

Living here in Portland, weed is everywhere, everyone smokes it. If you're out for the day and want a quick puff or two, you doing it as quietly as you can and out of view of families and the cops (its illegal to smoke in public). The only people who insist on smoking a J while walking down the street, or through the park, or at the train stop are people from the hood.

I'm racist as fuck today.
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