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06-20-18 07:31 PM - Post#1714243    

A comment my wife made to me last night, as well as tmc's thread about co-workers got me thinking, what fictional character are you most like?
We were watching Manchester by the Sea last night, and Casey Affleck's character is kind of an introvert, not really social. There is one scene where his nephew, who Affleck has just gained guardianship of after the death of Affleck's brother, asks him to socialize with the kid's girlfriend's mom so the kid can get his dick wet.
Well Affleck is just bombing at the social thing, refusing to make small talk, giving short, to-the-point answers. It gets to the point that the mom interrupts the kids and says she can't take it anymore because Affleck doesn't talk. So the kid berates Affleck all the way home, saying "Can't you just make small talk? How about this weather? How about that stock market?"
Affleck just says "Nope."
My wife looks at me and says "You're Casey Affleck."
As I've admitted on here before, I suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder. Social events are painful for me. It's probably why some of you on here, most of whom I've never met, are some of my best friends, because I don't have to interact with you face to face. I am a bore at social functions my wife drags me to and my anti-social nature has led to a couple fights, simply because people think I'm being a snob, when it's just that I can't really engage. I can go to a concert or sporting event with tens of thousands of people and be fine, because there is no pressure to interact with anyone one-on-one. But take me to an intimate gathering of my wife's co-workers and I shrink into a shell at the thought of having to answer personal questions or talk about myself.
As I said in the other thread, I don't fraternize with co-workers outside of the workplace, don't befriend them on social media, etc.. It does lead to awkwardness on occasion.
Thankfully my wife doesn't drag me to too many functions, simply because she understands how painful it is for me. She always tells me that after I go to one of her functions, her co-workers are always like "Your husband is so quiet."
For the longest time her family hated me because I was so quiet. Shit, my family hates me most of the time, mainly because they're a bunch of gossips and I refuse to give them material. I've taken at least six different prescription meds, none of which seem to help. Even a xanax before going to a party doesn't help.
So, my rant aside, is there a character from a movie, book, tv show, who you are most like?

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06-21-18 06:07 AM - Post#1714246    

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Harry Flashman
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Lucius Vorenus or Stannis Baratheon
Dis somanumbatching country was founded so that the liberties of common patriotic citizens like me could not be taken away by a bunch of fargin iceholes... like yourselves.


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