Username Post: Calgary Cowboys vs Quebec Nordiques 1976 Playoff Brawl        (Topic#550366)
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10-11-18 09:41 PM - Post#1715802    

We have discussed the brawl in length in another post,however on RDS a few years ago,there was a feature on the brawl that was sparked by Rick Jodzio of the Calgary Cowboys attacking the Nordiques Marc Tardif.

Here is the feature ncident-t...

The brawl footage starts at the 28 second mark of the feature.Note there are a few new different angles of the brawl that we havent seen especially role of the Quebec police actually trying to break up the players,and other angles of the fighting.

From the French I understand,Philip Cantin of RDS emphatically states that the game was not televised at all on local TV or Calgary TV.And he says all that exists is this footage from a hand held camera.

I now believe then,there was no network broadcast of this game either in Quebec City or Calgary that night.

Here is Hammers interview with Rick Jodzio and Rick confirms that the footage is coach's footage,made from a hand held camera.

And here is footage from 1980-81 where Marc Tardif is being interviewed by Calgary TV while he is with the NHL's Quebec Nordiques.

In the interview,he states that he is very very uncomfortable in coming back and playing in the Calgary Corral,just 4 years after that infamous series and brawl between Calgary Cowboys and the Nordiques.

Wow,this incident really affected Tardif for many many years.
Randy Holt
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10-13-18 12:43 PM - Post#1715819    

    In response to bubbalou

Would love to have seen the footage of Don McLeod standing over Tardif and swinging his goalie stick at anyone trying to get at him. One of the stories was a Quebec player, maybe Bob Fitchner, tried to kick Jodzio and wound up knocking one of his own players teeth out. Anyway, Gord Gallant ignited the whole incident by jumping Jodzio earlier in the game. When you start a flame, don't blame others when your own house burns down.
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