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02-11-19 10:17 AM - Post#1717948    

I will opens up about swedish hockey.
Im fan for swedish hockey.
Hockey fighting is hockey fightning, im looking for a fights. But are hockey fighters my favourite players? Nah.
Swedish hockey have been a great thing for hockeys population. Swedish hockey players and coaches have changed the populity of ice-hockey. My opinion. If Sweden as big as Canada, Russia or USA, i dare to say , that Sweden would have won most the champions in different national games. My opinion.

Are swedish players chickens? Nah. They intensive on the puck, they always succeed well against physical players, they dont give up easily . I know that, because Finland have got a lead in a national game, but Sweden always cameback very hard to drew the game and then scoring the game winning goal. They dont show the intensity by throwing off bone crushing hits or they dont make any fightning, but they show their intensity on the puck and they always tryes very hard to make scoring changes /scores. They more great individual, but who has coached greatly, because swedish coaches have built up that puck -control culture with Russians since.

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02-12-19 08:14 AM - Post#1717956    

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Sounds like a Cammi Granato style of hockey???

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02-14-19 10:31 AM - Post#1718017    

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Nah..... she would be to tough for those Powder Puff Swed's.

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