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Username Post: The BIRTH of FC.......        (Topic#87)
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07-11-14 11:08 PM - Post#1604202    

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Passed by 14th year anniversary last month. Forgot to celebrate. This post #4000 for me. Thanks, FC.

When does my gold watch arrive in the mail?

Jesus, me too. I got a box with a turd in it in the mail. The return address was a university in Tennessee.

He must have rerouted the turd I sent him. Sorry about that. I was on a trail mix diet for a week.
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11-25-17 01:35 PM - Post#1707217    

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Man I just ran across this post like 8 years too late. But just reading some of the names like Marty 33, Travman, Mike LA, Chuckdgaf, Wensik, Huard, Posux, Cheech, Richter, to name a few, well I had to post.

I started out on Souls and since everybody is coming clean I was the infamous Can_U_Smell_It. LOL. I think when we went to FC i couldn't use that monkier anymore or I lost it at I just went with the Kwig2121. The 2121 in honor of Dave Brown & Dominque Wilkins.

I even remember how we would trade VHS tapes back then. I could actually purchase many of the old school fights, fighters and brawls, pre you tube, and how exciting it made me feel.

The board wasn't just a message board, it was bigger than a community, it was FAMILY>

I remember rushing home in the early 2000's just to hit the fight board. I would stay on it all day to get educated by Cheech, Richter, Marty33 and some Behn Wilson guy.

Man you throw in Posux, Barnaby, Churla, and we had a civil war. Those days were great and the league was a man's league then. Guys like Probie, Kocur, Domi, Grimson, McSorley, made my young adult days.

Too bad those days are gone. I don't even post or watch hockey anymore. Great game but I miss the physicality. Not just the fights but the hits, the rivalries like Stevens/Lindros, Flames/Oilers, Isles/Rangers or any matchup from the old Patrick Division.

Just want to take time out to thank you guys from Souls, to FC, to Hockey Fights. You guys were such a big part of my young adult years. Thanks to guys like Travman for running the board and all the moderators.

And hats off to Marty33, Richter, Cheech, DGAF, Fotiu, Wensik, the list goes on and on. You guys were scholars at the enforcer game.

Long live those days, those memories, and all the best to you and your families!


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11-27-17 10:11 AM - Post#1707265    

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Holy living fuck, we have a Kwig sighting!

This thread is always good for a look back. Should be required reading for newcomers (if we have any that aren't just spam accounts at least).
"A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest." - Paul Simon

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11-27-17 04:44 PM - Post#1707274    

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Word - 4 years or so Kwig? So happy to see you back. We're trying to keep the torch lit, but it's not easy these days..........
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11-29-17 01:24 PM - Post#1707324    

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I remember the birth very clearly.

Trav was screaming like a banshee as octuplets tumbled out.

Several moderators were eating the afterbirth, claiming it to be superfood.

Fotiu was the midwife, screaming at everybody to shut up.

Maloney, Takedown, Plett, Titzgerald wept with joy.

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05-12-18 04:33 PM - Post#1713441    

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Just wanted to bump this one. Back when FC/Rinkside/Mr. Soul's began, little did we know how good we really had it. Can't believe this thread is still here 17+ years later. A ride to almost enforcer extinction. Reading a lot of these brought back a lot of memories. What a shame, but at the same time, thankful for those memories.
"Yeah, we make a lot of money, but we spend a lot of money too." Patrick Ewing ('94 NBA Strike)

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05-15-18 08:46 AM - Post#1713484    

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I always wondered if the hobby could live on after fighting no longer exists. Its pretty much where we are now. 95% of the fights we see today couldn't hold a candle to what was the daily norm years ago. Great memories indeed though and Ill still break out a DVD every now and then or scour YouTube to get a fix.

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05-15-18 03:53 PM - Post#1713504    

    In response to Maguire19

Everything will be on YouTube soon then everyone else will drop dead and some idiot with throw away all their hold-outs.

The hobby will always be there and will, I'm sure, occasionally peak interest whenever neo-hockey does have a decent brawl...but the game will never be the same.


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